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Amann, W., Lugger, K. (2016):
(Innsbruck, Wien, Bozen: Studienverlag).
This handbook contains extensive statistics on housing and housing policy in Austria. It is published since 1995 in the 8th edition.
Amann, W. (2013):
In: the Guardian housing portal, 2 May 2013.
The article in the British "Guardian" from 2 May 2013 adresses at questions of poverty housing in Eastern European transition countries and the question of a housing poverty trap.
IIBW (Lead), Hasberger_Seitz & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH, Energieinstitut an der Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Gemeinnützige Bau- u. Wohnungsgenossenschaft "Wien-Süd" eGenmbH, EVN AG (2016):
(Programm: Energie der Zukunft; Programmlinie: Stadt der Zukunft, 1. Ausschreibung; Projekt 845187).
Feasible business models to locally utilize locally generated renewable energy are expected to induce a tipping point for the Energy Turnaround in Austria. If it is possible to develop models to sell on-site generated electricity directly to tenants, lessees and shared owners, such models would be a viable business not dependant on subsidized feed-in tariffs. Former projects (such as Reininghausgründe, Aspern, Kapfenberg) were not yet able to achieve this. Within the project a number of demonstration PV plants on residential and non-residential buildings will be realized. On this basis new approaches of business cases are developed, implemented, tested and finally disseminated.
Amann, W., Bezgachina, K. (2013):
In: The Housing Finance International Journal, Winter 2013.
The article, published in "Housing Finance International", analyses mass housing privatization in Western Europe and Eastern European transition countries since the 1990s. Based on comprehensive new data both positive and negative consequences on today's housing policy is discussed.
Amann, W., Komendantova, N. (2010):
(Vienna: IIBW, prepared for the World Bank).
This study describes housing policy in Armenia and provides policy recommendation for improving the potential of housing management and refurbishment.
IIBW (2018):
The study targeted at the statistical assessment of housing vacancy in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. One challenge was the identification of that part of vacancy, which could be activated with according policy action. In a second part of the study, motivation of owners, who would not rent out their vacant dwellings, was assessed.
Amann, W.; Mundt, A. (2014):
In: Dimmel/Heitzmann/Schenk (2. Auflage 2014): Handbuch Armut in Österreich (Innsbruck: Studienverlag).
IIBW contributed housing policiy issues to this handbook on poverty in Austria.
IIBW / CFSSI / Montenegrin Ministry for Spatial Planning and the Environment (2010):
(in cooperation with the Montenegrin Ministry for Spatial Planning and the Environment, CFSSI - the Montenegrin Fund for Solidarity Housing Development).
The symposium focused on the introduction of social housing sectors in the Western Balkans.
IIBW (2018):
(Wien: IIBW, im Auftrag des Fachverbandes Steine-Keramik und der GBV Landesgruppe Tirol).
This booklet gives an overview of housing subsidies in Austria.
Amann, W. (2014):
In: BBK, Herbst 2014.
The Article reflects the current debate on new ways to measure success of policy and states and analysis data on Austria.
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