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Amann, W. (2014):
In: BBK, Herbst 2014.
The Article reflects the current debate on new ways to measure success of policy and states and analysis data on Austria.
VWW / FGW / IIBW (2010):
(In Kooperation mit dem Verein für Wohnbauforschung und Wohnungspolitik). Publiziert als bbk-Sonderheft 12/2010.
This conference addressed the Austrian system of affordable housing as an example of European social policy. It was initiated by the recent "Dutch case". The panel discussion focussed on the compliance of housing subsidies with EU Law.
Siedlungsgenossenschaft Neunkirchen / IIBW (2018):
(Wien/Neunkirchen: IIBW, mit Förderung des Landes Niederösterreich, F 2245).
Austria and some central and northern European countries make good experience with participatory approaches in housing, with co-housing of elderly people and collaborative housing. This project targetted in learning from those bottom-up initiatives and to apply lessons learnt in the large sector of affordable housing (Limited-Profit Housing).
Wieser, R., Mundt, A. (2014):
In: Journal of European Real Estate Research (reviewed) 4/2014.
This study introduces a new methodology to assess housing related state expenditures in a European comparison. Austria shows relatively low public expenditures on housing of below 0.9% of GDP. Quite impressive is the constant development with a steady decrease of the share of housing related state expenditures.
Amann, W. (2010-2012):
(prepared for CALYON Germany).
Amann, W., Mundt, A. (2019):
(Wien: Bundesministerium für Arbeit, Soziales, Gesundheit und Konsumentenschutz).
The study, as part of the "Sozialbericht 2019" (Social Report from the Line Ministry for Social Affairs), identifies drivers of housing costs and shows possible measures to counteract.
Amann, W. (2014):
In: Immolex, Herbst 2014.
The article provides insight to legal regulations on subsidies for elderly housing in Austria.
Amann, W., Tsenkova, S. (2011):
(prepared for the Municipality of Bar/Montenegro).
This study tries explores new methods to legalize informal settlements, which pose a large challenge especially in Southeastern Europe.
Amann, W., Struber, Ch. (2019):
(Innsbruck, Wien, Bozen: Studienverlag).
This handbook contains extensive statistics on housing and housing policy in Austria. It is published since 1995 in the 9th edition.
Amann, W. (2016):
2016; affordability; Europe; CEE; CIS; SEE; HFI; housing; housing demand; Amann; international; social
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