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Amann, W. (2010):
In: Country Profile on the Housing Sector in Kyrgyzstan (Geneve, UNECE).
Kirgizstan is one of the poorest follow-up states of the Soviet Union. Housing policy action is therefore very necessary. This UNECE study describes housing policy developments since the transition and provides several housing policy recommendations.
Amann, W., Mundt, A., Lugger, K. (2010):
(Wien: IIBW, im Auftrag der Arge Eigenheim).
This study addresses housing data collections in Austria and the way micro census surveys on housing conditions and costs (MZ) translate into the Consumption Price Index and the System of National Accounts. It also describes housing cost developments in Austria.
Amann, W., Mundt, A. (2010):
In: IJLBE - International Journal of Law in the Built Environment 4/2010.
This article summarizes the IIBW research project on the implementation of a new housing law in Romania. This legal master plan combines a new rental law with a PPP-housing law and other by-laws in order to apply international best-practice and foster the development of a limited-profit rental housing segment in Romania.
Amann, W., Mundt, A., Springler, E. (2010):
(Wien: IIBW, im Auftrag des Landes Niederösterreich).
This study focuses on efficient methods to reduce land consumption by subsidies to single-family housing construction. It also addresses necessary adaptations of subsidy requirements to foster multi-storey housing construction close to city centres.
Amann, W., Kalezic, D., Yampolskyi, S. (2012):
(Geneve: UNECE).
This study examines the legal, financial and housing policy framework of policy measures to increase energy efficiency in Montenegro. The study also gives numerous policy recommendations.
Amann, W., Mundt, A. (2010):
In: The Housing Finance International Journal, Winter 2010.
This paper provides evidence that the Austrian rental housing market may be characterised by a large degree of market-integration according to Jim Kemeny's theory of dual versus integrated rental markets.
Lawson, J., Milligan, V., Yates, J., Amann, W., Kratschmann, A. (2012):
(Melbourne: AHURI, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute).
This study analyses the effects of the Austrian model of housing construction bonds and housing banks, and examines their transferability to affordable housing in Australia.
Amann, W., Mundt, A. (2010):
In: Publikation zur Fachtagung „Europäisches Sozialmodell – der österreichische Wohnbau als Best Practice?“ am 5. November 2010 in Wien, bbk 12/2010.
Social housing in the Netherlands was confronted with considerable criticism by the EU Commission. The Commission clearly favours a targeted allocation of social housing in the member states over an integrated rental market characterized by universal access. This also has repercussions on the Austrian limited-profit housing sector.
IIBW (2013):
(Wien: IIBW, im Auftrag der Salzburg Wohnbau und des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft, Familie und Jugend).
The study analyses framework conditions of our greying society, policy options and the model of assisted accomodation provided by the Austrian Limited-Profit Housing Sector.
Amann, W., Mundt, A. (2012):
In: The International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home, MS 442.
This contribution to the Online Encyclopaedia describes institutional settings for the provision of affordable housing, especially in Western Europe.
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