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Amann, W. (2012):
In: The Housing Finance International Journal, Spring 2012.
This article addresses the framework for affordable rental housing in transition and other countries and advocates supply-side subsidies.
Amann, W.; Beijer, E.; Komendantova, Mundt, A.; N.; Neuwirth, G.; Roy, F.; Schimpel, M.; Schwimmer, W. (2006):
(Vienna: IIBW, in cooperation with DIGH-Dutch International Guarantees for Housing, Austrian Federal Ministry for Economy and Labour, Vienna Municipality, Austrian Association of Cities and Towns, Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG, Kommunalkredit Austria AG, Raiffeisen International).
This study demonstrates the feasibility of an innovative new financing instrument to implement affordable rental housing in transition countries.
Amann, W., Pernsteiner, H., Struber, Ch. (Hrsg) (2014):
(Wien: Manz).
The Austrian system of social housing proves to be one of the most efficient in European comparison. This book is contributed to one of the leading players in the field for many decades: Prof.Dr. Klaus Lugger, long-term CEO of the social landlord „Neuen Heimat Tirol“, chairman of the auditing association of Limited-Profit-Housing Associations in Austria, Austrian Representative to CECODHAS - HOUSING EUROPE. The Antology contains articles from some of the most distinguished housing experts in Austria and contributions from international top experts in housing, such as: Eva Bauer, Sven Bienert, Dietmar Eberle, Walter Hüttler, Rudy de Jong, Stefan Kofner, Corné Koppelaar, Julie Lawson, Alexis Mundt, Nico Nieboer, Claire Roumet, Kathleen Scanlon, Josef Schmidinger, Andreas Sommer, Christian Struber, Sasha Tsenkova, Karin Wagner, Michael Weingärtler, Robert Wieser.
Matznetter, W., Mundt, A. (2012):
In: Clapham, Clark, Gibb (2016): The SAGE Handbook of Housing Studies (London: SAGE).
In this book chapter the authors document the inspiring literature on housing within the welfare state framework and the variability of housing systems. Avenues for further comparative research are drafted.
Amann, W.; Hauer-Exner, V.; Koch, G.; Schwarzmüller, N. (2007):
(prepared for Wienerberger AG).
This position paper of the Austrian Building Materials Industry depicts the potentials of expanding social housing sectors in Europe in order to contribute to social, ecological and economic development.
Mundt, A., Amann, W. (2015):
(Wien: IIBW, im Auftrag des bmask – Bundesministerium für Arbeit, Soziales und Konsumentenschutz).
The study provides a deep analysis on different schemes of housing benefits in Austria.
IIBW (2008):
"(Vienna: IIBW, prepared for the Romanian Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing)."
In cooperation with internationally well-known experts the IIBW compiled a new housing law for Romania. It contains separate laws for rental housing, owner-occupied housing, housing management and affordable housing.
Amann, W. (2015):
(Bratislava: Habitat for Humanity Europe, Middle East and Africa).
Since the 1970s, "Habitat for Humanity" has realized housing solutions for around 800,000 families worldwide. For the Housing Review 2015, IIBW has contributed with a comprehensive statistical analysis on 15 countries in the CEE, SEE and CIS regions.
IIBW (2013):
(Wien: IIBW, im Auftrag des BMWFJ).
The position paper was conducted for the Austrian Ministry of Economy, including measures to assure affordability of housing, measures for younger households, measures for the elder generation and measures on sustainability, innovation and enforcement.
Amann, W., Schwimmer, W., Komendantova, N., Zejnilovic, E. (2010):
(Vienna: IIBW, prepared for the Montenegrin Ministry for Spatial Planning and the Environment).
IIBW supported the Government of Montenegro in application of a housing loan at the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB).
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