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IIBW/e7 (2023):
(Wien, im Auftrag des BMK, Bundesministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation und Technologie)
Thermally activated building structures (TABS) operated with heat pumps is becoming widely used in building construction. Among many other advantages, the inertia of this heating system can be used to stabilize electric power grids. This study examines options for the energy industry.
Amann, W. (2022):
2022; Amann; HFI; IUHF; decarbonisation; Austria; housing
Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH (Projektleitung), in Kooperation mit dem IIBW (2021-2023):
(Wien: Stadt der Zukunft, 8. Ausschreibung).
ZQ3Demo accompanies three innovative urban quarters in Vienna to demonstrate and further develop ecologically and economically sustainable solutions for the implementation of Plus-Energy-Quarters (PEQ) on the basis of real-life examples.
IIBW/e7/Herrys (2023-2024):
Studie in Kooperation mit e7 Energie Markt Analyse GmbH und HERRY Consult GmbH (Wien: im Auftrag des Klima- und Energiefonds).
With the amendment to the Condominium Act 2022, a "right to plug" for the e-charging infrastructure in condominium buildings was introduced. The study examines the status of implementation.
Amann, W. et al. (2024):
in: APCC Assessment Report on Climate Change in Austria (AAR2).
Lawson, J., Legacy, C.,Parkinson , S. (2016):
"AHURI Final Report 264, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, Melbourne"
IIBW contributed with inputs on Austrian good practice in public housing to this Australian study.
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