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How to boost rental housing construction in CEE-/SEE-Countries.
Amann, W. (2005):
This paper explores the possibilities to encourage the establishment of affordable rental housing in transition countries.
In: The Housing Finance International Journal, 12/2005.
Der soziale Wohnbau in Europa – Österreich als Vorbild
Lugger, K.; Amann, W. (Hg.) (2006):
This collection of essays by internationally well-known experts on housing policy describes European models of social housing, with a special focus on the Austrian case.
(Wien: IIBW, im Auftrag des „Vereins zur Förderung der Wohnungswirtschaft“, mit Beiträgen von Amann, Ball, Ghekiere, Lux, Mundt, Turner).
Following a different track: the Austrian system of social housing
Amann, W.; Mundt, A. (2006):
This paper analyses the quality of the Austrian system of affordable rental housing within the international context of comparing different housing policy systems.
(IIBW working paper).
Die österreichische Wohnungsgemeinnützigkeit – ein europäisches Erfolgsmodell. Festschrift für Helmut Puchebner
Lugger, K.; Holoubek, M. (Hg.) (2008) (Koordination und Redaktion durch das IIBW):
Limited-Profit Housing is a cornerstone of housing policy in Austria. This collection of contributions by numerous well-known experts on housing matters in Austria gives an overview of its functions and the economic, legal and political framework within which it operates.
(Wien: Manz).
Die österreichische Wohnungsgemeinnützigkeit als Europäisches Best Practice-Modell.
Amann, W. (2008):
This book chapter positions the Austrian system of Limited-Profit Housing within an international context.
In: Lugger/Holoubek (2008), 3-13.
Policy framework for sustainable real estate markets. Principles and guidance for the development of a country's real estate sector
UNECE/REM (2010):
As a member of the UN "Real Estate Market Advisory Group" Dr. Amann contributed to these UN Guidelines on sustainable real estate markets. The Guidelines build on the experience of the late financial and housing market crisis and stress the importance of social housing for sustainable housing markets.
(Geneve: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Real Estate Market Advisory Group).
Umsetzung von Nutzungsvielfalt.
Amann, W. (2008):
This paper explores the theoretical framework for the implementation of mixed-use urban spaces, using the example of Graz-Reininghaus.
Vortragstext zum Symposium von Asset One am 20. Mai 2008, Graz-Reininghaus. In: Asset One (2008): Nutzungsvielfalt für Graz-Reininghaus.
Montenegrin housing legislation gap assessment
IIBW (2010):
This study analyzed the legal context of housing in Montenegro and contributes policy recommendation for the establishment of affordable housing.
(in cooperation with the Montenegrin Ministry for Spatial Planning and the Environment, financed by DIGH – Dutch International Guarantees for Housing and FWAW - Fonds Werken aan Wonen).
New policies to facilitate affordable housing in CEE.
Amann, W. (2010):
This article addresses housing policy challenges in Southeastern Europe and describes the IIBW's approach to implement affordable rental housing segments. Special attention is paid to new financing models and housing law.
In: The Housing Finance International Journal, June 2009.
Wohnkostenstatistik in Österreich – Methodik, Ergebnisse, Interpretation
Amann, W., Mundt, A., Lugger, K. (2010):
This study addresses housing data collections in Austria and the way micro census surveys on housing conditions and costs (MZ) translate into the Consumption Price Index and the System of National Accounts. It also describes housing cost developments in Austria.
(Wien: IIBW, im Auftrag der Arge Eigenheim).
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